adjustable deck supports

Raise The Deck, There’s A Storm Coming

Even on flat land, a verandah will have its raised deck. This has been a well-used practice in place since the founding fathers scattered across the vast, empty plains and established themselves on their pegged in land claims. These acres of rich, arable land would be what today is still known as your smallholding or free range farm. Today still, it is pleasing to see that old colonial traditions are still in place.

It is aesthetically pleasing to approach a suburban home’s front door. You walk up the proverbial garden path and to the left and right of you, you are surrounded by picturesque posies or roses, or whichever shrub has taken the homeowner’s fancy. You usually have to clamber up just a couple of steps to reach the verandah before rapping your fist gently on the front door’s knocker. It’s usually well-polished brass.

adjustable deck supports

There is a slight but safe distance between the soil and the verandah. And you see this elevation throughout the home, well-supported by mechanically engineered foundations. Today, the old-world practice extends itself very well on the commercial front and for more salient purposes. Just like the old days, the raised deck is secure from any oncoming storms. And for that matter, the rest of the house. Today, technically sound adjustable deck supports can be ordered from specialist artisans.

These engineers design, manufacture and prepare the special purpose deck supports for delivery and installation. All it takes is the appropriate premises inspection. A free consultation perhaps can also advise the property owner on risk management principles that should always be taken into account. Purely for the aesthetics, most property owners would probably wish to go in for wood materials. But thanks to technical efficiency, these materials can withstand the damaging effects of heavy precipitation.

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