semi permanent tent structures

Semi-Permanent Means You Are Almost There

It is quite harsh to see that still to this day, most average income earners still cannot afford to buy their own fixed or permanent property. The costs are still too sky high for most honest workers who also have a mountain of other bills to see to. Fortunately, the wheel of fortune, if it can be called that, is slowly but surely turning in favor of the average to honest to goodness breadwinner of, well, there is no house just yet.

semi permanent tent structures

The amazing thing about these semi permanent tent structures is that many of them do not even look like tents. So, if you have pitched a tent somewhere out there, somewhere you would like to call home, no-one, not many folks are going to notice that you are just pitching in for a short time. You want to be a permanent member of the community. Fortunately, there are good landowners out there that are doing their bit for the community.

These are the kind but clever men and women who could not yet find a good use for their excess and empty land. And then along you came. Fortunately for the landowner, you are all pretty decent folks, so he’ll be happy to have you on his land. He knows that you will take good care of his properties while he’s not around. Funny thing that, landowners only seem to pitch when the month-end rents are due.

Anyhow, you are now almost there. Being semi-permanent is a huge step in the right direction. You can use these semi-permanent tent structures to help you in that direction. And let it be known that these structures are also quite sustainable. Materials and construction exercises that you need to go through pose no blights to the environment.